Get it first at Galpin. The Rplate Pro is one of the biggest upgrades in the history of the 125-year-old stamped metal vehicle license plate. Your plate is now a multi-purpose digital display and connected vehicle platform, providing multiple functions to businesses, government agencies and consumers. Galpin, famous for being at the forefront of vehicle customization, introduces the next level in that modification: Rplate Pro

The Rplate Pro looks amazing, but here are some more great reasons why to buy a Digital License Plate a.k.a. The Rplate Pro.

1. Vehicle theft-deterrent. Thieves often remove or swap plates when they steal a car. The Rplate Pro is very difficult to remove and would take extensive time and draw attention even if it were removed. The Rplate Pro. also sends a text notice to the owner immediately if it’s detached.

2. Ability to add a custom message that is changeable on the bottom of the Rplate Pro where it says (i.e. Have a nice day!) DMV pre-approved messages only.

3. Custom logos or images can be displayed when vehicle is parked.*

4. Registration stickers cannot be stolen or defaced (20% of plates or stickers are damaged or stolen.)

5. No DMV visits for registration.

6. Eliminate DMV late fees. Many people get their renewal notice months early and forget to pay until too late. Online credit card on file will automatically renew registration.

7. Commercial fleets can monitor all vehicle location and registration activity, solving a significant logistics problem for large fleets.

8. Plate displays ‘Stolen’ message if the vehicle, or the plate, is stolen.*

9. Rplate Pro can be tracked even if stolen and removed.

10. Get your approved personalized plate almost immediately downloaded to your Rplate Pro.

11. Smart parking meters will recognize the Rplate Pro and charge your credit card (RFID).*

12. Parking permits can be displayed electronically, and geo fenced to show only when in appropriate areas.*

13. GPS vehicle tracking (Real-time and historical) and Geo-fencing (User-controlled).

14. Toll-road and fast lane charges paid electronically.*

15. Higher visibility in adverse-weather due to backlit feature.

What is the retail price and related charges for the Rplate Pro?

The retail price is $798*, including one year of connectivity. Installation prices start at $99. Higher installation charges will be applicable where necessary with limited production, alternative fuel, electrified, exotics, commercial, custom, older or vintage vehicles, etc. Installation times will vary, but typical installation times are 30 minutes to 3 hours.

Are there Rplate Pro subscription or connectivity fees?

Yes. The first year of connectivity is included at no additional charge with the purchase of Rplate Pro. After the initial year, the annual connectivity fee is $99*. A Connectivity Plan is required for Rplate Pro operation and to enjoy the unique Rplate Pro features. New Rplate Pro owners will receive an email from Reviver Auto acknowledging their purchase. Included in the Reviver Auto email will be a link to an optional three-year pre-paid connectivity plan offer, along with payment options. If you do not choose the 3-year offer, a standard $99 annual connectivity plan will be required to enjoy your Rplate Pro after the first year of connectivity expires.

Subscription Plans

Annual Plan:

First year connectivity is included at no additional charge with the purchase of the Rplate Pro, $99 each year thereafter.Includes downloading of images, digital registration tags and custom messaging. Approved images can be downloaded to be visible when the vehicle is parked after five minutes. Includes user-controlled GPS vehicle tracking and geo-fencing options. Other exciting options are in development.

3 Year Plan:

 Limited-time offer. Includes all features of Annual Plan for 3-years from initial Rplate Pro activation date. Must be purchased within 30 days of Rplate Pro activation.

*all terms, hardware and connectivity pricing is subject to change without prior notice. Some messaging features available late 2018.

What about Rplate Pro and Special Interest, Charity or Vanity plates?

All plates that are issued in California can be replicated on the Rplate Pro, with a black on white, or white on black image (some images may only be available with white background and black contrast logo/numbers/lettering). Handicap and special designation plates like Veteran or Purple Heart plates are also accommodated.

Will color versions of the Rplate Pro be available?

Color versions are not available at this time. The high-contrast black on white, or white on black, Rplate Pro is currently the only digital plate display configuration approved by law enforcement and government agencies. The display choice can be changed by the user within the Rplate Pro App. The Rplate Pro is available in an attractive all black, or all white, composite material.

How is the Rplate messaging feature controlled?

The unique messaging feature and Rplate Pro interaction is controlled through a proprietary smartphone Rplate Pro App available in the Apple App Store or Android Google Play Store. The “App” must be downloaded and registered to utilize the unique Rplate Pro features.

What is the durability and weather-resistance of the Rplate Pro?

The Rplate Pro has endured over five years of development and testing. It is IP66 rated. IP66 is a certification rating for outdoor electronics and goods. This certification ensures “Ingress Protection” from extreme levels of dirt, water and heat. The Rplate Pro comes with a 12-month manufacturer’s limited warranty.

How easy is it to steal or hack the Rplate Pro?

The Rplate Pro is much more secure than traditional license plates and is tamper-resistant. The Rplate Pro is affixed to the vehicle with a highly secure proprietary bracket that renders the plate useless if removed. Rplate Pro digital license tags also eliminate registration sticker theft. The Rplate Pro is designed with the highest encryption technology available and the latest generation software will be continuously upgraded via automatic downloads. No personal information is stored in the Rplate Pro hardware.

How is the visibility of the Rplate Pro at night?

The Rplate Pro has a unique reflective screen and incorporates a backlight feature to further ensure night-time or adverse weather visibility.

How is the Rplate Pro powered?

The Rplate Pro is hard-wired to a fusible powerline in the vehicle. The Rplate Pro draws extremely low power levels (less than 3mA) and only draws power when downloading or uploading data. The Rplate Pro also features an internal back-up battery. The Rplate Pro screen is ‘bi-stable’, meaning it will display the assigned license plate number with or without power.

Do Rplate Pro users still get regular license plates and registration stickers?

Yes, California DMV will issue traditional license plates and all regular California registration and license fees are applicable. The customer is required by law to retain the traditional plate within the vehicle along with current registration stickers affixed for visual inspection when requested by any peace officer. A formal letter will be sent to the Rplate Pro owner authorizing use of the Rplate Pro by the DMV which should be kept in the vehicle at all times. All California front license plate regulations are still applicable. The Rplate Pro is governed by California Vehicle Code §4853.

How long does it take for the assigned license plate number to appear on the installed and registered Rplate Pro?

If a license plate number is already assigned to the vehicle, the plate number will download to the plate in less than 36 hours of registration. If a new, previously unregistered vehicle, the assigned plate number will download within 24-36 hours after the DMV has assigned a plate number to the vehicle. A dealership logo, GAS logo or customized design or images will default on the plate until the DMV assigned number appears on the Rplate Pro. New vehicle plate numbers can take up to 90 days to be assigned by the DMV.

Can I use the Rplate Pro to help manage small or large commercial fleets?

Yes. The Rplate Pro was designed to reduce vehicle fleet management challenges with the proprietary Rconnect Vehicle Management portal. Rconnect works in tandem with the Rplate Pro to eliminate the challenge of making sure commercial vehicles are currently registered and ensures the license plate reflects current registration. Additionally, user-definable notification features are available along with real-time and historical vehicle location. The Rconnect platform also allows for group updates or changes of Rplate Pro images, messages and company logos to display when the vehicles are parked. There is no limit to the number of vehicles that can be managed within the Rconnect web-based portal. More unique fleet management features are in development.

Rplate Features

On Road Visibility

With a crisp, bright, reflective screen, the Rplate Pro is easily discernible in all weather conditions. Not only turn heads, but add an extra layer of security.

Built To Last

The Rplate Pro is industrial-strength and able to withstand extreme changes in weather conditions. No longer worry about  your plate degrading or looking aged.

Functional License Plate

The Rplate Pro is a fully functional license plate and is compliant with state standards*. At 6″X12″, the Rplate Pro replaces the traditional license plate on most vehicles. Bringing the traditional license plate into the 21st Century.

* The Rplate Pro is currently available in CA and in pilot in AZ

Safe and Secure

The Rplate Pro provides custom tamper-resistant mounting and built-in anti-theft features. This helps ease concerns about your plate getting stolen.


Galpin Leading Innovation at NAIAS 2018

At NAIAS 2018 the partnership between Reviver Rplate and Galpin was announced, being the first to sell digital license plates.

“When I saw the digital license plate from Reviver Auto, I thought it was absolutely awesome! Galpin has a long history of industry firsts and innovation, all revolving around better serving our customers. So when we saw this digital license plate, it was natural for us to jump in! We are looking forward to providing Galpin customers another industry first.”

BEAU BOECKMANN/President & COO, Galpin Motors

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